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The Scouts will learn 19 formal  leadership skills centered on what a leader must BE, what they must KNOW, and what they must DO to best lead the units of this council. These skills are taught in a classroom format by Assistant Scoutmasters in pairs as instructors.

Skills covered will include:

  • Communicating

  • Finding your Vision

  • Setting Your Goals

  • Planning

  • Developing Your Team

  • Solving Problems

  • The Scouting EDGE

  • Resolving Conflict

  • Servant Leadership

  • Leading Yourself

  • Diversity & Valuing People

  • Ethical Decision Making

  • Embracing & Leading Change

  • Resilience


Your Scouts will learn how to be self-sufficient in the outdoors. Cooking, fire building, progressive lashings, and more are all taught throughout the week. These skills are essential during the 70+ games that the scouts will play during the course, not to mention the 3 staff challenges.

Skills covered will include:

  • Fire building

  • Wood selection

  • Knots and lashings

  • Compass, map, and GPS

  • Wilderness survival

  • Emergency First Aid basics

  • Campsite Setup

  • Outdoor cooking


Starting with basic communication skills and a clear VISION of future success, each Scout is encouraged to collaborate with their fellow patrol members to achieve their team vision and work towards their respective personal visions. Buckskin provides the optimal environment in which to experience the essence of the patrol method. 

Skills covered will include:

  • Creating a team vision

  • Hosting a patrol meeting

  • Planning meals

  • Planning/hosting a campfire

  • Planning/hosting a troop meeting

  • Solving challenges together

  • Preparing for a campout

  • Group time management

  • Group resource management

  • Resolving internal conflicts

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