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  • What is Buckskin?
    An immersive youth leadership training experience for Scouts ages 14-18 in the Heart of Virginia Council who have achieved a rank of Star or greater.
  • Where is Buckskin?
    At Camp T. Brady Saunders in Maidens, VA. Please see the Contact section for the current address.
  • When is Buckskin?
    Typically the Buckskin course falls in the end of the summer camp season each year, but the exact week may vary year to year depending on other conflicts at camp. Check the council website for the exact dates for the upcoming year.
  • Why should I send my child/Scout to Buckskin?
    We have a unique, immersive, leadership experience that utilizes multiple forms of teaching, learning, and practicing leadership and outdoor skills. Participants will leave better-trained leaders armed with tools to accomplish their visions. Many Scouts credit this course with changing the course of their scouting careers, their personal careers, and/or their personal lives. Read these Testimonials from real Buckskin graduates.
  • What are the living quarters like?
    Scouts will spend 5 nights in canvas tents at Camp T. Brady Saunders in patrols of 6-9 scouts per campsite. 1 night will be spent in the Scout’s own tent or shelter while on a patrol excursion.
  • What does my Scout need to bring to camp?
    We have a packing list prepared that will be shared after signing up. Please do not bring trunks to camp!
  • What should my Scout leave at home?
    Scouts will have no use for money at camp as we do not have a trading post. We also recommend Scouts leave their cell phones at home. Also, please do not bring trunks to camp at all.
  • What will my Scout learn at Buckskin?
    At Buckskin, we teach a variety of skills that include leadership skills - things like communicating and resolving conflict - and what we call “Scouting Skills” a.k.a. outdoor skills - things like wilderness survival, lashings, and first aid. Each Scout will also have the opportunity to lead their patrol for a day filled with activities and responsibilities to reveal their current skill sets and potential for growth. For additional information on what will be learned, please read the Learn page.
  • With whom will my Scout be interacting?
    There will be approximately 48-60 Scouts from all around the HOV Council and approximately 30 staff members in attendance.
  • Are you all admitting both male and female Scouts this year?
    Yes, we are welcoming all Scouts enrolled in the HOVC to Buckskin in 2021 and each year after.
  • Can my Scout attend more than once?
    Buckskin is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to grow and develop as leaders in their troops and communities.
  • If my child/Scout has already attended or is planning to attend another leadership training course, should they come to Buckskin?"
    Yes, Buckskin can compliment or build upon the lessons learned at other leadership experiences.
  • Will my Scout be learning in a classroom?
    Scouts at Buckskin get learning in both a classroom setting as well as hands-on experience to grow their leadership and scouting capabilities
  • Who will be cooking for my Scouts?
    The staff demonstrate how to prepare and host a meal early in the course, but after that, each meal is prepared by the patrols. The Scouts will prepare a variety of trail and camp-friendly meals during which they will practice table manners, meal preparation, and cleanup. If there are any dietary concerns for Scouts, these can be accommodated as well. Please note those dietary concerns during registration.
  • Will my child/Scout have fun?
    Here at Buckskin, we strive to provide every Scout with an exciting and fun-filled experience that they will remember for the rest of their life.
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